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Pharmaceutical glass furnace process

We are excited to share with you a video kindly sent by one of our esteemed Chinese clients.
The video captures the construction process of a new borosilicate glass furnace recently completed by our company.
Our team of experts dedicated months of hard work, passion, and commitment to conceptualize and create this extraordinary technological fea
The furnace has been designed to ensure exceptional performance and the highest quality in the production of borosilicate glass.
Every moment in the video reflects our dedication to providing innovative solutions in the field of borosilicate glass.


  • hybrid furnace
  • co2 foot print reduction
  • 25 tpd of pharma glass tube neutral borosilicate glass alpha 51 – 27 m2
  • oxygen/natural gas combustion + 4 sections electrical boosting
  • electrical distributor and forehearths
  • molybdenum electrodes and bubbler system
  • bottom drain and platinum feeder technology

Watch the video: