Batch plant products

Batch Plant for Glass Industries

Glass Service produces several batch plants for the glass industries for various kinds of glass and different production:

Table ware



Pharma neutral borosilicate

Lead and barium crystal

Tailor-made solution

Raw Material Source

For each batch plant Glass Service designs a tailor-made solution according to customer’s request and local raw material availability. The raw material source can be selected by the customer and can be received by the plant by many different methods of transport or packaging:

The raw material storage can be done using several methods, mainly in silos or in bulk in storage bays. For each raw material source packaging Glass Service develops a simple discharging method, as an automatic bag opening and dust filtered machine, or a fully pneumatic transport management. The batch plants can manage the mixing of the main raw material as well as the refining agents or the decolouring agents. All dust source is detected and controlled by a dedicated dust filter. The batch plant dust powder pollution is reduced to a minimum possible thanks to the dust removal solution.

Automatic Batch Plant

The full automatic batch plant is indicated for medium and high pulling plants, over 50 TPD, or for special glasses where the cost of human operators or the required batching precision is very high. Each plant is tailor made according the customer’s request and local condition.

The automatic batch plant can be filled with raw material by several systems:

For each raw material a silos or a different storage area is designed with the correct volume according to local transportation conditions. The extracting devices are designed according to raw material and quantity for each dosing recipe.

You can install:

For the cullet dosing a mechanical vibrating channel can also be installed.


The weighting scales are full electronic with high precision load cell installed on anti-mechanical damage devices as torque bars and special support.
The scale cones are of stainless steel, equipped with vibrating discharging device and dedicated dust collecting filter.

The mixers are only intensive machines with reinforced steel case. Those mixers can guarantee a high homogeneity in short mixing time.
The transportation on the batch furnace silo is made using bucket elevator and belt. All the dust is collected in dedicated dust filters. The plant guarantees the maximum homogeneity in transportation avoiding any segregation in furnace batch silo.

Glass service batch plants can manage the raw materials from the glass company entrance to the batch furnace silos.

Control System

The batch plant control system manages all the batching phase from the raw material input to the batch furnace silos. The control system includes in one control board all the functions for Control and equipment drivers (electrical motors; vibrators, etc.) in the plant.

Based on a PLC unit the system integrates all control and power drive functions:

The human interface can be done by local touch screen panel for semiautomatic plant or by PC/SCADA for full automatic plant. The control board integrates a manual management for each equipment required for emergency operation in case of PLC fault. The installation of local button lamp panel helps the operator in the plant management.