Not only the product

Products installed
in your facilities

Glass Service is an engineering company specialized in the designing of furnace for glass melting and batch plants, and the relevant ancillary equipment.

Glass Service provide the full service for furnace installation and start up, the service is coordinated from the assistance department where several proven glass industries engineers are employed.

The Glass service assistance department take charge of the full plant or single equipment installation, for example in the table full furnace or batch plant installation procedure.

Several customer meetings for installation
activity schedule and organization

The installation stage from the first installation meetings could be fully coordinate from our assistance
engineer including Glass Service specialized installation teams:

Masons and Steel

Plumbers and Pipe


Refractories Activities





Commercial offers
evaluation and


Sample refractories
laboratory analysis
before the other


Laboratory test
on material


Dimensional and
quality test on refractory
suppier facilities
before shipment

Also we can coordinate

Man power teams
for installation scope

For the successful installation of the complete plant the glass service engineer manages the full interface from various customer’s sub-suppliers, could coordinate the activity and control the customer’s sub-suppliers quality.

A special care is dedicated to the refractories supplier. On this customer suppliers Glass Service engineer evaluate the refractories quality and correct dimension. The cold test is one of the key point for the installation project success. Glass Service engineer will check all the installed equipment details using several cold test technologies to ensure the correct functioning of the installed equipment. For the refractories installation Glass Service engineer follow the full installation and check the correct quality of materials as well as the installation procedure. The expansion joints in several furnace’s critical part (bottom, crown) are under continuous control during the installation phase.