Company Vision

Using our Technical Heritage to deliver
your future success

Building on several decades of successful innovation and application, Glass Service Italy develops forward-thinking solutions and services that are always centred on the needs of our customers. We work daily on R&D, maximising Kaizen methodology, with continuous improvements, company-wide contributions and combining small advances that together produce major steps forward in the equipment and services that we provide for you, our customer.


Without our tested industrial heritage we wouldn’t have been able to produce our latest state-of-the-art furnace. Without research we wouldn’t be able to develop your next solution.


Our talented teams work very hard to ensure that optimal solutions, and exceptional service, are the norm at Glass Service Italy.

Why we stand out:


Our customers’ needs are at the heart of all we do:

Glass Service is built on delivering bespoke solutions for our customers with no ‘one size fits all’approaches here.


We aren’t a huge company – and that’s a great thing!

Our close-knit teams care about their work, colleagues and clients and we work hard to communicate clearly. Our teams build strong and collaborative relationships with our customers including the use of an integrated project management platform so that we are always on the same page.


The latest in 3D Design modelling:

We work with clients on precisely modelling their product specifications so that you can see what you will be getting.


over style:

Our engineers drive everything – we pride ourselves on placing smart design and technology at the core of our business.


Accredited leaders
in our field:

With compliance to ISO9001 and decades of experience – we believe that few organisations can offer the combined expertise and agility that Glass Service brings.

Our Vision

Our vision is to share our history, experience, innovative thinking and passion for industry-leading customer service with the glass manufacturing market around the world.We want to deliver the best performing manufacturing products and services that are also sustainable and cost-effective, so that our success is your success too.

Our Process

Made in Italy!

We build nearly all our equipment ourselves. It’s not just the design and engineering – every part is produced, assembled and tested internally, from recuperators, combustion skids, frit dosing, and burners, to control cabinets and all other parts. This allows us to work with greater flexibility and to deliver the best cost and quality.

An internal production approach becomes even more beneficial during installation and commissioning in the field: when you are working with machinery that you produced, you know it inside and out, your confidence is understandably higher and as a result the process is much smoother for our customers.