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Belt Cold Top
Batch Charges

The cold belt top batch charger is installed in cold top electrical furnace. The machine could charge the batch + cullet on the top furnace with a homogenous distribution of the raw material.

The machine has three main controlled axes + belt transporting movement:


Special software

The glass Service cold belt top batch charger develop a special software for the tree axis geometrical interpolation.

The special software can manage the linear movement of the end of the boom, and consequently a perfect covering of the top furnace surface in linear interpolation passage. With this solution the batch charger machine can ben continuous feeding in a fix central bin. It avoid discontinuous machine filling and relative dust pollution.

The software for the machine control, include of a special program that allows to regulate the batch quantity distribution on surface of the cold to, the top is divide in several parts, and the software regulate for each part the effective batch loading quantities. The furnace parts with bigger melting capacity (ex. Over the electrode, A1 & B1 in picture) could be receive higher quantity of batch. The solution avoids over melting of the batch blanket on cold surface.

Main features

The machine is equipped with a translating frame to remove the batch charger, when the machine must be removed in stand-by position for maintenance or furnace assistance. Main features: