Our Service

Special mobile
burners preheater

Glass Service assistance department could preheat the furnace and the distributors and foreheart.

For this scope of supply Glass Service department had developed several groups of special mobile burners preheater. The burners preheaters kit includes a full mobile burners rack able to manage the air/gas flow in an electronic programmed preheating curve.

The burners are the two air models and are able to manage the flame with a high excess of combustion air. The preheating air flow temperature from the burner can manage from a low temperature (50°C) from the first preheating day to the required final temperature (800-1000 °C). The high preheating air volume at low temperature help to avoid the thermal shock cracks due to the too concentrate flame energy. Furthermore, the high air volume increases the water content refractories drainage/evaporation during the first preheating days.

The burners

The burners preheaters are equipped each with all required parts, such as:

The control board manage the area safety with flame detectors and gas safety high reliability valve.

Our engineer manage
full preheating process

Glass Service engineer manage the full preheating process, including:

At the end of the preheating stage Glass Service Engineer set up the final furnace tuning for the production optimization, energy saving, required glass quality.