Glass Furnace products

Sodium Silicate

Sodium silicate furnaces are designed with special features, due to the high corrosion of the melting batch.

There is a wide range of sodium silicate glasses, with melting temperatures in the range of 1300 °C to 1450 °C. The glass normally exits the furnace as a ribbon which passes through water cooled rollers, or onto a cooling belt that is cooled after which it is crushed into small particles.

Glass Service has installed several types of sodium silicate furnace. Such furnaces can be:


Batch formulation

The sodium silicate glass has a very aggressive batch formulation and a high rate of evaporation of sodium from both the batch and the glass surface.
The refractories installed in the furnace must be designed with particular attention to this high corrosion rate.

The furnaces can be heated by gas (NG or LGP) or by heavy fuel oil.