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China start-up ceremony


Glass Service is a leading designer and supplier of furnaces and equipment for the production and the installation of neutral borosilicate glass furnaces for the manufacture of pharmaceutical tubes by Danner machines (process).

Some features:

  • Furnace total pull 25 tpd of pharma glass tube neutral borosilicate glass alpha 51.
  • Furnace surface is 27 square meters.
  • 3 screw loading machines in loop with a level control machine equipped with Pt probe.
  • The furnace operates by mixed melting up to 180 Nm3/h Natural gas in oxy-fuel cross fired combustion and up to 400 kW of 4 sections electrical boosting.
  • Melter tank equipped with a bubbler barrier to improve fining and homogeneity of the melt.
  • Electrical heating Bottom drain Zirconium cords removing, Platinum DHPT technology.
  • Up to 50 kW Electrical Distributor and Forehearths (Working end) by moly electrodes air cooled.
  • Platinum feeder technology.