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Giulio Isernia

Good evening, I’m Giulio Isernia and I’m the commercial director of Glass Service.

On a human and professional level, I think the true strength of Glass Service lies in its past. I have been working at this company for twenty years and I have been able to verify first-hand, to analyze the evolution in this period: we have gone from a small company, we have grown progressively over time and we have crossed a river, we crossed a ford. We went from small plants to large plants. We went from local clients to international clients and this allowed us, every day, to ask ourselves if we were doing well, were we dealing with clients in the best way. 

So we have built, day-by-day, an international credibility and internally through discussion, through debate, because obviously we are many people, often with different ideas. We have always managed to find a synthesis and to have been able to offer our customers a unique solution from our company.

In all this, I must say that we have maintained a very human dimension because at the end of the day, Glass Service is like a family company, the relationships are informal and this has always allowed us to manage internal relationships in the best way and to present ourselves in the best possible way towards customers. So I believe that  in recent years the strength of Glass Service has been its technical solutions and technology but above all the fact that we have maintained good human and social relationships within the company that have allowed it to grow and improve constantly.

Our goals are based on our past, this is extremely important, we must continue to have an eye on what we have done and also look to the future. The future means continuing in our technological evolution, which has allowed us, in the last 10 / 12 years to make a significant qualitative leap: we entered the borosilicate neutral glass sector, which is then converted into tubes to make vials and bottles; this was an exceptional qualitative leap by Glass Service. 

In the past we focused only on furnaces and their batch plants and components, in recent years we have made a qualitative leap. For example, turn-key plants which in many emerging countries provide solutions that are not limited by the supply chain or to the batch plan. Instead we can offer a complete project from start to finish, therefore: from the treatment of raw materials, passing through the batch plant, through the furnace, through the forming assembly lines at the cold end and the auxiliary services. 

We can offer the customer a global answer, this is the important thing. We must maintain the ability to offer customers even just individual components, increase our presence with the big players in the glass sector, but at the same time be ready, as we are, to offer new customers, even emerging customers in the glass sector, turn-key plant services. We want to become partners of these new customers and be ready to support them in their ideas, in their hopes for growth in the glass sector.