Thursday, October 21 2021

General Description

Glass Service produces a highly reliable reversal valve for end port glass furnaces.

The valve is made with a strong, steel support frame with a high thickness cast iron sliding gate.

The main features of the valves are:

  • High resistance steel frame

  • Special high resistance steel guide for the gate

  • High thickness cast iron gate

  • Vertical gate moved by double metal chain

  • Gate movement driven by an electrical servomotor and a handwheel in case of emergency. The mechanical connection between the handwheel/motor is a pneumatic clutch. In addition, the system is equipped with a compressed air tank for emergency procedure in case of air supply failure

  • Inspection doors for easy maintenance

  • 4 high-temperature resistant position inductive switches, 2 for each stroke end

  • 2 emergency electromechanical end of stroke micro-switches

  • Chain mechanism protected by an easy to open, hinged cover

Reversal Valve

Detail of servomotor and pneumatic clutch
Detail of servomotor and pneumatic clutch



With the gate open, exhaust fumes flow directly to the chimney. With the gate closed, combustion air, fed by the combustion fan, flows into the regenerator

Main Features

Electrical motor

power 380 Vac, 3ph, power 1,5 Kw

Emergency compressed air suppliedat a pressure of 4 bar

clean and dry

Maximum operating temperature

600 °C

Reversal time

12 sec for motor at 50Hz frequency

The valve will be supplied complete with a supporting structure for easy installation on the chimney.


The inspection door provides easy access to the tension regulation system connected with the gate. Usually, the regulation of this system is done during the commissioning, but in case fur-ther adjustments are needed, the operator can open the door and regulate the mechanism with ease.


In case the main compressor on-site fails, the Compressed Air Tank functions to provide the necessary amount of pressurized air to activate the clutch and allow for manual movement of the hand wheel. The system also includes a check valve, that prevents pressure drops in the tank once the main line cuts off the service.