Tuesday, September 21 2021

General Description

Glass Service srl has designed and installed several furnaces for glass tile production.

These furnaces are normally gas fired and can be:

  • continuous from 3 to 20 TPD

  • discontinuous from 1 to 2 TPD

The continuous furnaces can be equipped with lifting bases for faster emptying of the glass and consequently for a faster colour change.

The forehearth that feeds the tile forming machine, can be equipped with special equipment to generate special features such as marble and striped effects.

The production technology is mainly based on:

  • ball gathering or spoon process (manual or robot) and press machine

  • automatic rolling process

The ball/spoon process is uses in case of low pulls and can guarantee a very high flexibility in terms of colours and sizes of the tiles.

The automatic rolling process is the right solution for larger pull rates (more than 2-3 tpd) but it is less flexible in terms of colours and sizes.

Such furnaces can produce a wide variety of colours according to the market demand.

The glass tile furnaces are normally gas fired recuperative, in some cases oxygen boosting is used to increase output and to control the furnace atmosphere in the melting area.